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India secretly inducted two US made Predator Sea Guardian drone

Sea Guardian/ Sky Guardian drone. Credit : General atomics aeronautical  Indian Navy has secretly inducted two sea-guardian drone into its fleet at mid-November, 2020. This is a very significant development. The Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs are going to play a major role in security and surveillance for all the three services of armed forces.  The Sea guardian or sometimes known as Sky guardian is an upgraded version of MQ-9B Predator drone with better sensor/weapon systems, longer endurance and lifetime. Sea guardian is a medium-altitude long endurance Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) drone. It has a wing span of 24 meter, length of 11 meter. The Sea guardian drone uses a Honeywell TPE331-10 Turboprop engine that can provide a top speed of  210 KTOS (Knots true air speed) or 390 kmph. It has a service ceiling of 40000 feet and has a maximum endurance of 40 hours. It uses Raytheon MTS-B EO(Electro-optical)/IR(Infra red) sensor and GA-ASI Lynx Multi-mode Radar wit