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Next generation turbo-fan engine for combat aircraft: GE XA100

United states aerospace giant General Aviation has successfully tested a prototype of next generation turbo-fan engine for combat aircraft. The engine named GE XA100 is claimed to have an increase thrust of 10% and an improve fuel efficiency of 25%. This will in turn increase the range of a fighter jet by 35%.  Image courtesy: General Electric Aviation (GE Aviation) official website According to General Electric official website, the XA100-GE-100 engine combines three key innovations to deliver a generational change in combat propulsion performance: An adaptive engine cycle that provides both a high-thrust mode for maximum power and a high-efficiency mode for optimum fuel savings and loiter time A third-stream architecture that provides a step-change in thermal management capability, enabling future mission systems for increased combat effectiveness Extensive use of advanced component technologies, including ceramic matrix composites (CMC), polymer matrix composites (PMC), and additive